Yogendra Jain

Yogendra Jain is a serial entrepreneur, has done pioneering work in IoT in telehealth, medical electronics, telecommunications, and IA (Intelligent Assistant). He was a CTO at Alliance, a collaborative network of 2,000 providers serving 200,000 Medicare and Medicaid members, where he managed integration and deployment of population health, care collaboration, and analytics solutions. Prior to that, he was an EVP of telehealth and innovation for a PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management) which acquired SentiCare, a company he founded. He developed the PillStation, a telehealth gateway to improve adherence leading to significant cost savings to healthcare organizations. Jain was founder and chief technology officer of ThinkEngine Networks, developing high density media gateways for internet voice navigation, a Siri and Echo like products. Prior to that, he was VP/GM of RadiSys Corporation, a public company, which acquired his first startup Sonitech, specializing in high speed computing in medical imaging and signal processing applications. Jain also holds multiple patents.

Jain started his career at MIT-Lincoln Labs as a member of the technical staff and worked at Texas Instruments. He has a master’s degree from Rice University, a bachelor of science degree from Boston University in bio-medical engineering, and an MBA from Babson College. He also teaches mindfulness and meditation, is an author of a book on A Guide to Compassionate, Healthy and Happy Living, and an avid squash player.

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