Geoff Horwitz, Ph.D.

Dr. Horwitz is a co-founder of Sonde Health and an Associate at PureTech, where he is involved in sourcing technologies for new companies. Prior to joining PureTech, Dr. Horwitz worked in business development in the Technology and Innovation Development Office at Boston Children’s Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital. He performed market analyses, network development, lead sourcing and managed the inter-institutional alliances between Children’s and its corporate biotech and pharma partners. He completed postdoctoral research at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, helping to identify key proteins involved in hearing and balance. During his research career, Dr. Horwitz published seven papers in peer reviewed journals, four as the lead author. Dr. Horwitz received a B.S. in Biology and Psychology from Trinity University, and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Virginia after completing his research in the Neurobiology program at Children’s and Harvard.